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Motti Mizrachi

Born 1946, Tel Aviv.

1969 - 1973 studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

Lives and works in Tel Aviv.  


Motti Mizrachi is a multidisciplinary artist, engaged in painting, sculpture and multimedia.

Considered as one of Israel most prolific artists, Mizrachi was represented in five notable art Biennales - Paris Biennale 1980, Venice Biennale 1988, Sao Paulo Biennales 1981/87, Valencia 2004 and Poznan Biennale, and received several significant awards.

Motti Mizrachi was born in Tel Aviv to a large immigrant family of Central Asian origins.

During his childhood he contracted Mediterranean FMF Malaria, which left him disabled in both legs.

Mizrachi's work is present in several important European museums and private collections.