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The Eye of The Sun | 2012

"Eye of the Sun" is a sculptural project created by of the Israeli artist Motti Mizrachi. The statue shaped as a giant lens resembles spaceship or an eye, looking as if it had just landed or just taking off. The height of the lens goes up to 59ft, and it located at the middle of a 492ft oval square, in front of the sea line.
The eastern side of the lens is yellow and represents the sun and the eastern culture, while the western side is silvery gray and represents the moon and western culture.
The lens
At the center of both sides was placed a smaller half-transparent glass lens, which allows the sun and moon looking as if they are trapped at its center, in certain angles of view. The actual sun and moon in the sky correspond with the statue at different hours of day and night. The Entire lens lies on its side on a gray concrete stone dome 98ft in diameter.
Lighting with LED technology
During night time the sculpture work is lighten by a LED bulbs, which illuminates different colors inside the statue facing out through the glass lenses, the lens and the outer walls that change color.
The LED technology is extremely environmental, the whole statue electricity consumption equals to one simple street light.
Moreover, the LED technology can be used with interactive art, such as responding to sound and music
The artist talks about the sculpture:
“The statue is kind of a present observer, looking around. a silent witness to the history of the place, a bridge between past and future. In light of the sense of impermanence and insecurity, the eye acts as a tool for events that happen in our region, under the sun. It communicates with the cosmos when it faces the sky and projects distance and alienation.
The statue carries the massage of unity between opposites binding in harmony: Day and night, east and west, sky and earth, spiritual and Material.”